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Steam Compromises on Greenlight Fee, Adds Concepts Tab That Doesn’t Solve Problem

When Steam Greenlight first launched, developers could freely add their video games to the mix and take their chances at bubbling to the top for a shot at being on Steam. Unfortunately, this submission process appears to have been largely unmoderated. Things quickly devolved, and Greenlight became a stream of horrifying and pornographic endeavors. Steam quickly instituted a $100 fee to curb this onslaught, but that outraged the indie community. As something of a compromise, Steam Greenlight now includes a Concepts tab where folks can throw up ideas to see if they stick before taking the $100 plunge.

Joystiq explains:

“Concepts,” a new section on Steam Greenlight, allows developers to post their games without paying the $100 fee normally required – the catch? Games can’t be Greenlit through Concepts. Concepts is a hub for developers to gauge interest in their games and build a community, even if the developer doesn’t have the resources to take its chances on Greenlight.

This whole mess seems like it could be easily solved by an approval queue, but sure, a compromise that really satisfies nobody is obviously the best solution.

(via Joystiq)

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