Software Finally Releases on Steam, Mainly Art Programs So Far

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Last month, we got word that Steam would be venturing into new territory, and hosting software — not gaming software, but productivity software — on the famed distribution platform. The software hosting is now live, and you can now browse through your favorite PC games distribution service in search of things that aren’t games.

The software catalog is fairly small at the moment, currently only putting seven applications up for sale. Most of the applications, such as Source Filmmaker and ArtRage Studio Pro, have to do with creating art in some way. Steam is also hosting GameMaker: Studio, for those of you that’d like to create something with a package you bought from Steam, then put your game back up on Steam through the Greenlight program.

Most of the software packages are cheap, though GameMaker: Studio tops out at $99, but it is currently on sale with a 10% discount.

One wonders, as (or if) Steam’s software library grows, if Valve will include the applications in the famed Steam Summer Sale, and one may also wonder if gamers would be willing to run their software through Steam. Down the line, Steam achievements for some kind of office productivity suite would be fairly amusing.

However you feel about software getting all up in your games, all of Steam’s (currently meager) offerings are on sale at a 10% discount for a week, so give it a browse.

(via Steam)

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