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New Star Wars Movie Will Take Place 30 Years After the Original Trilogy, Says Official Source

I'm so excited! I'm so scared!


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The official Star Wars website dropped some interesting news today: filming for the new trilogy will begin in May of this year at London’s Pinewood Studios. Even more interesting, the film will officially take place 30 years after the events of the original trilogy.

While upon first glance it might seem like that’s not long enough of a time jump to explain the relative ages of all the original trilogy actors, Return of the Jedi was released in theaters 30 years ago on May 25, 1983, so it’s actually right on point. Loathe as we are to forget it, The Phantom Menace also took place about 32 years before the events of A New Hope, so this amount of time bookends the entire series fittingly.

When Episode VII hits theaters on December 18th, 2015 (another fact confirmed by the official site) Return of the Jedi will be 32 years old.

Plus, it gives us plenty of time to imagine the Expanded Universe having taken place, since we know Lucasfilm and Disney are trying to consolidate the two for a more Marvel Cinematic Universe-style experience for hardcore fans. Even if we don’t see any fan favorites like Mara Jade or Jacen Solo (except we’d BETTER see Mara Jade or I will revolt), there’s plenty of stories to tell within the New Jedi Order that would definitely make for good movies without disrupting any existing EU canon.

The website didn’t offer any additional details about the newcomers who might have been cast, but does identify them to be a trio as well, saying that they’ll be leading the film “along with some very familiar faces.” This appears to contradict speculation that the original trio of Han, Leia, and Luke would lead the film, but it’s probably for the best. Now, if they’d only confirm that they’re going to cast Lupita Nyong’o and make all of our dreams come true, then that would be spectacular.


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