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Episode VII, Quit Playing Games With Our Heart!

Unless that game is Spin The Bottle, that is.


The rumor mill surrounding Episode VII continues to churn and emotionally exhaust us. Thankfully, recent rewrite updates are probably good news, depending on your perspective: our favorite trio from the original trilogy might be given one last “starring” role before forever becoming holograms in movie history.

Although Michael Ardnt’s original draft reportedly focused on a second generation of heroes spawned by Luke, Leia and Han, the departure of Ardnt over rumored “creative differences” may mean that rewrites are on the two-sunned horizon.

J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan’s recent rewrites are reported to feature the original characters as protagonists, and just introduce their children as a set-up for later films. Internet rumors abound about possible casting choices (although look at your own risk; the internet is a wily place and we know we couldn’t handle another “Wes Anderson Is Directing Episode VII” fiasco.) We will say that one of the roles mentioned is reportedly that of an Imperial Commander, which gives us some clues about the state of the Empire thirty years post-Jedi.

For my part, I’m hoping that the new draft does mean a greater focus on the original characters — I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to the Old Guard yet, and if the prequels taught us anything, it’s to not mess with a good thing. Obviously we’ll have to be prepared for Abrams’ movies to be a largely different universe, but hopefully it won’t make us want to kill the younglings.

(via Newsarama, photo credit via id-iom)


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