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Our New Klingon Overlords Tease a New Star Trek Movie On The Official Twitter

In the name of the Kirk and the Spock and the holy Bones...

Star Trek Into Darkness sees Chris Pine stepping once more into the role of Jim Kirk

We’re Star Trekkin’ our way to talk about a curious Twitter movement happening on the official Trek account. It appears the Klingons, former foes who become friends over the course of the years of Trek lore, have taken over the account, and they’re hungry for blood. They immediately started by insulting some Romulans and humans before starting to ramp up towards a possible announcement of some kind that will be revealed tomorrow. Could the Kelvin timeline crew be taking on the Klingons for movie 4?

At first, I assumed this was simply a Halloween-y post that just happened to come a day late. Also, I was in pretty strong agreement with the concept that Twitter has no honor. Twitter is where honor comes to die for the most part. The Klingons kept chilling over the course of the day, tweeting out some words of wisdom and posting a couple gifs. You know, usual Klingon behavior.

Then, things got a little tease-y, with a sudden appearance of Kelvin timeline images, including one of Captain Kirk as played by Chris Pine, who I assumed would be persona non grata for the social media accounts since he walked away from the negotiating tables and producers said they didn’t need him for the films.

For the record, if you don’t think Bones is the strongest character in the crew, we can’t be friends.

The Klingons capped off their tease with the promise that news would drop tomorrow, and a cryptic video that appears to showcase the Enterprise and a Klingon warbird in battle.

Oh. My. Q.

Folks, Starfleet officers, red shirts and command gold alike, I think we are about to get a new Kelvin timeline movie. We just talked about how Megan Fox was teasing something with John Cho yesterday, and now this?

If this were centered on a general Klingon series, or Discovery or any other Trek title, they wouldn’t have used so much imagery from the Kelvin timeline. All signs are pointing to a new Kelvin film and I couldn’t be more excited. Happy early holidays to me!

We’ll save the speculation — including whether or not Chris Pine is returning, the fate of Chris Hemsworth in the franchise, and what is going on with the teases of a Klingon takeover — for any official announcement. But do you think that this means that we’re getting a new film? Do you think they’ve solved the Pine budget crisis, or have they found a new leader?

Can tomorrow get here any sooner?!

(via Twitter; Image: Paramount Pictures)

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