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Stop Everything, We Found the Best Geeky Christmas Sweater Ever

Set phasers to WANT.


Yes, we know we already did a round-up of the best geeky Christmas sweaters and yes, we know Christmas is technically over, but we think you’ll agree that this Star Trek: The Next Generation sweater that Kristen Meale-Beatty designed for her husband is worth highlighting. And also stealing.

Here’s the front:


And here we have the back:


If you were wondering how to say “Happy Christmas” in Klingon, then that’s probably the closest you’re going to get!

Seriously, check out the felting detail on this thing:


Worf may not be very merry, but he is incredibly adorable.

And the front again:


Just… wow. Even Captain Picard himself would be impressed by this felting work.

(via Kris — thanks!)

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