Captain Picard Gets Into The Holiday Spirit with “Let It Snow” Cover

The lights are turned way down low. All FOUR OF THEM. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS.
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Normally we’re not big fans of the “splice dialogue from a TV show together so it sounds like the characters are speak-singing a famous song” phenomenon on Youtube, but even we can’t deny that it somehow feels completely natural — nay, even seductive! — when the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation does it. Make it so, indeed.

The creator of this video, James Covenant, also has a independent video game in development that he’d like for you to check out, so go over to his website to see images from the gameplay and other cool gaming backend stuff. We’re sure he’d appreciate it, given that he probably made you burst out laughing at Wesley Crusher’s dumb adorable face. Oh, stupid Wesley.

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