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Star Trek Borg Queen Alice Krige to Join Christopher Eccleston in Thor: The Dark World

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Previously, we heard that former Doctor Christopher Eccleston would be facing off against Chris Hemsworth as Thor: The Dark World‘s big bad villain. Now, we’ve heard of another joining the ranks of the Thor sequel’s newbies: Alice Krige, who played the Borg queen in Star Trek: First Contact. She may not be getting as much screen time as Eccleston, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Click through to learn more.

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Krige, who has previously appeared in Star TrekSilent Hill, and Deadwood, announced her involvement in the film at the Star Trek: Las Vegas convention. She hasn’t yet announced who she will be playing, but she did say that compared to, say, Eccleston, it is a fairly small role.

She also said that you might not easily recognize her in the film, which we take as meaning she’ll be covered in makeup and prosthetics and be looking all other-worldly. This has already led to speculation that Krige will be playing Queen of Svartalfheim and the Dark Elves, Alflyse. Here’s what Marvel’s wiki had to say about her:

Alflyse is the queen of Svartalfheim and the Dark Elves. When Hercules, disguised as Thor, tried to confront the Dark Elves in Alflyse’s castle, he is put through a series of tests. After proving his worth, he takes her to find out how truly “evil” she is. The next morning, he awakens as the King of Svartalfheim and Alflyse’s new husband, who orders her troops to attack Midgard and Asgard to retake his throne. Spying on the whole affair, the Warriors Three decide that if Herc is going to be Thor, then they need to find their own “Hercules”. And out steps Thor in a skirt, and feeling a draft.

When Thor discovers that Hercules has been impersonating him, he sets out to prove nothing beats the original. Thanks to this, Alflyse discovers that Hercules isn’t Thor and annulls the marriage, freeing Hercules from her.

Now, we really have no idea how many scraps from that story they will be taking advantage of in this movie; our guess is probably not all that much. We still hold out a faint hope for this one, though.

Principal photography for Thor: The Dark World starts next month; Eccleston will be playing Malekith the Accursed, Zachary Levi will be replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral.

Krige is a welcome addition to the cast; she’s fairly highly-regarded, and has had past stints on shows like Six Feet Under and the aforementioned Deadwood, not to mention roles in Ghost World and Dinotopia.

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