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St. Vincent Delivers Amazing Cover of “Bad Tina” from Bob’s Burgers, Could Be First of Many


The consensus here in the Geekosystem office is that Bob’s Burgers is among the best cartoons going right now. And as of right now, we’re officially also huge fans of Bob’s Buskers, a behind the scenes extra brought to you courtesy of Behind Bob’s Burgers, a blog maintained by the show’s writers, who brought in Annie Clark — better known by her stage name, St. Vincent — to cover the “Bad Tina” song from earlier this season, and it’s amazing. Even better news? The video is marked as Episode One, meaning we can hope for more covers coming down the road.

So chalk up another amazing and unexpected cover from St. Vincent. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Regina Spektor doing a cover of the end credits tune Oil Spill from Food Truckin’. And of course extra points if Megan Mullaly comes in to duet it. Also Tom Waits doing the Ding Ding song on a loop, because clearly that needs to exist.

Any other requests? Keep in mind, The National has already covered Linda’s Thanksgiving Song. Bob’s Burgers animators, the right thing to do is turn these guys into cartoons, stat.

Oh, and if you need us to prove that thing we mentioned about St. Vincent having a history of excellent, unexpected covers, get a load of the band absolutely killing the Big Black classic Kerosene a couple years ago. You won’t regret it.

(via Behind Bob’s Burgers)

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