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Here’s Spider-Man in the Age of Ultron Trailer Because People Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Spider-Man: Spider-Man of Spider-Man. SPIDER-MAN!


What does the Age of Ultron trailer look like with added Spider-Mantics? Like fans will take just about anything at this point, and we’re incredibly lucky that Sony and Marvel made nice so this can finally end.

Don’t get me wrong; Spider-Man is actually my favorite superhero and has been for my entire life, but a bunch of reassembled stock spider-footage stuck in at very nearly every possible opportunity:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.46.00 PM


Doesn’t get me pumped for Spider-Man in Marvel movies. It does make me think that fans are getting impatient to the point that everyone would prefer if the next Avengers just went full Being John Malkovich and had the entire cast wear Spidey masks for two hours and say nothing but “Spider-Man.” Based on my current market research, that movie would make approximately 800 billion dollars.

If the next mashup trailer just put Spider-Man’s head over everybody, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. The Avengers was great, and while I’m very much looking forward to Spider-Man in Marvel movies, we should all admit that they’re doing just fine without him, and that random shots of Spider-Man swinging on webs do not make this excellent trailer “much better”—no matter what the headlines may tell you.

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