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Memorabilia From the First Women in Space and More for Auction to All You Aspiring Badass-tronauts


On Wednesday, Regency-Superior auctioneers will allow you to own a piece of space in a very real way—much more real than those “name a star” registries, anyway. They’re auctioning off 860 lots of space memorabilia with signed photos of space pioneers and much, much more!

Among the items available for auction are a signed picture of Valentina Tereshkova of Russia, AKA the first woman ever in space in 1963:

Lot 322

(Lot 322. Starting bid $125.)

There’s also the signed photograph of Sally Ride (top pic), the first American woman in space in 1983—as well as the youngest astronaut ever—along with NASA astronaut Owen Garriot; Sultan Salman al-Saud, the first Arab and Muslim to travel to space; Senator Bill Nelson, the second congressperson and first House member to go to space; and Marsha Ivins, five-time space shuttle astronaut.

And more, including:

Lot 109

Lot 109: An annotated and signed GT-5 1965 re-entry checklist. Starting Bid: $20,000.

Lot 108

Lot 108: The Distinguished Service medal and certificate of Ed White—the first astronaut to perform a spacewalk. Starting bid $7,000.

Lot 80

Lot 80: “1960s Mercury 7 Signed Page | Starting Bid $1,500 | Incredibly rare commemorative ‘Project Mercury’ page with 7 signatures”


Lot 2: “Ten different oversize (approximately 18″x24″) B&W photos taken during NASA-Lunar Orbiter Project-Mission V. Used to plan Apollo landing missions. Other than expected corner and edge dings, very fine condition. Will look wonderful framed. Quite scarce.” Starting bid $100.

You can check out the rest of the mountains of memorabilia in the auction online already ahead of its Wednesday launch in’s Collectibles section and prepare your poor, unsuspecting wallet.

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