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Why Is It So Hard for So Many Men to Believe This Former Victoria’s Secret Model Is Also a Professional Coder?

Oh, right. Because misogyny.

Lyndsey Scott is an actress and a former Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein model, as well as a successful programmer. Over the weekend, the Instagram account Coding Engineer gave Scott a shoutout with the caption "Coding is for anyone!" The responses were the perfect example of why that declaration still needs to be made in the first place.

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Tokyo Medical University Lowers Women’s Test Scores Because Men are Insecure Trash

Call the fire station because there are flames shooting out the side of my face.

Today in Infuriating Shit Men Do To Women, Tokyo Medical University has been found to be systematically lowering the test scores of female students. Why would they do this, you may ask? Because they believe that once these women get married and have kids, they'll be unable to work their shifts anymore. Ah, that old misogynistic chestnut.

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Cover Girl Pairs With Girls Who Code Because Femininity and STEM Are Not Mutually Exclusive

If this message–that women can not just exist is STEM, but thrive, surrounded by other awesome and talented women–has to come in the form of a makeup commercial, I'm all for it.

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Mercury 13 Celebrates the Women Who Passed Tests for Spaceflight but Were Denied Because of Their Gender

Thanks to the Hidden Figures book and biopic, more people are now aware of the contributions of women, particularly black women, to NASA and the U.S. Space Program. Now, a new documentary from Netflix wants to shine a light on the women who not only were scientists, but who were tested for spaceflight and passed ... only to be denied a chance to go to the Moon because NASA wasn't ready for female astronauts.

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I Want to Live Inside This Pro-Science, Female-Driven, Live Orchestra Concert Spectacular

A Light in the Void is described as "a first-of-its-kind live concert experience meant to inspire and sustain a life-long love affair with science through the emotional power of music and storytelling." Imagine a TED Talk-type setup with scientists talking to a live audience, only they're supported by a live orchestra, with documentary and animation video projections.

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Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison Talks Diversity in STEM: “They Think of It as a Nicety. No, It’s a Necessity.”

Doctor Mae Jemison, who was the first African-American woman in space, recently spoke to HuffPost about the importance of introducing kids to STEM education early in life - and that means all kids.

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Google Is Working on a Movie About Grace Hopper

Google and production company Middleton Media are developing a "big-screen biopic" about the computer programmer, innovator, and warship namesake, Navy Admiral Grace Hopper.

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7 Women Inventors & Scientists Who Were Unjustly Overshadowed by Men

Cisgender, heterosexual men have been taking credit for the accomplishments of women for millennia. And thanks to improvements in how we catalogue and research history, we’re gradually busting more accreditation errors and thefts from the past.

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“When People See Shuri on the Screen, They’re Just Joyful”: Letitia Wright Talks the Significance of Her Black Panther Role

"I grew up seeing so many stereotypes on TV," Letitia Wright said about playing her Black Panther character, Shuri, "and I didn't want to play that as well ... When people see Shuri on the screen they're just joyful, they leave the cinema like happy, like, 'Yo, she made me laugh.'"

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Future Astronaut Taylor Richardson is Helping 1,000 Girls See A Wrinkle in Time

We first fell in love with then 13-year-old Taylor Richardson last year, when she translated her love of STEM fields and Black Girl Magic into an amazing fundraiser to help 100 girls not only see the film Hidden Figures, but buy snacks and get a copy of the book upon which the film was based. Now, she's kicking her helpfulness up a notchthis time, inspired by the geeky Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time!

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Drunk History Spotlights Nichelle Nichols, the “First Black Woman in Space for Fake”

We all obviously love Nichelle Nichols for her role as Lieutenant Uhura on the original Star Trek (and several subsequent films). However, Nichols was also responsible for changing the game up for women, specifically black women, in real life, both in STEM fields and beyond. All this is paid respectful and hilarious tribute in the most recent episode of Drunk History.

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James Damore Is Suing Google for Discriminating Against White Dudes & the Lawsuit Is the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll Read Today

James Damore, the guy who was fired from Google after writing a 10-page screed accusing the company of discriminating against conservative white men, has filed a lawsuit against his previous employers and oh wow, it is ... something.

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Underground Caves, Deep-Sea Labs, and Learning Not to Be a Jerk: Training as an Astronaut

Astronaut Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS and gave us a glimpse into all the technical, physical, and psychological training that goes into becoming an astronaut - as well as all the cool, otherworldly environments they get to explore.

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“There’s No One Path” : How Astronaut Jessica Meir Went From Studying Animal Physiology to Training for Space Flight

Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS to talk about her career as a biologist and as one of the NASA astronauts who's working to get us to Mars. "There’s no one path to becoming an astronaut," she said. "Originally, all of the astronauts were white male military test pilots. And now the program is much more diverse."

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Teen Girls Use Math to Prove Once & For All That Jack Could Have Fit on That Door With Rose

Don't @ me.

It's been twenty years this month since Titanic was released in theaters, which means fans have spent two full decades arguing over whether or not Jack had to die, because from where we were all sitting, that door Rose floats on, saving her life, looked to have a whole lot of room left over.

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“Women of NASA” LEGO Set Is Already Amazon’s Bestselling Toy

Back in October (because it is really November guys. Holy hell!) we raved about how excited we were for the "Women of NASA" LEGO set that was getting ready to be launched. Well, the toy was released today and is already killing it.

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NASA Just Opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility

Yesterday, NASA opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility (CRF) at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Johnson, whose life was one of the inspirations for Hidden Figures, worked as a "human computer" at Langley in the 1960s, calculating the trajectories for the first US space flights.

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Did Researchers Really Try and Say Urination Games Are the Reason Boys Score Higher in Physics?


Zooming into the notable gender gap in answering projectile questions specifically, the theory questions whether that might be because of participation in ball sports or.....peeing. 

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New Hidden Figures-Inspired STEM Initiative Shows the Importance of Media Representation

And now for a change of pace: some good news from the government! Hidden Figures may have run its traditional theatrical course, but it hasn't faded from the minds of those it might inspire. In fact, the United States State Department was bombarded with so many screening requests from foreign embassies that a publicly funded exchange for women in STEM is now in the works.

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“Let’s get back those 37 cents”: Serena Williams Pens Essay for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

In a piece for Fortune, titled "How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap," tennis legend Serena Williams writes about today being Black Women's Equal Pay Day and the day "shines a light on the long-neglected fact that the gender pay gap hits women of color the hardest."

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