Jinwoo fighting for his life in Episode 2 of Solo Leveling.

‘Solo Leveling’ Episode 4 Release Date Confirmed

We’re solo leveling up! Or we will be, once episode 4 of Solo Leveling drops.

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Anime connoisseurs know that there are some anime openings that are not to be skipped. I’m not talking about classic openings like the jazzy mayhem of Cowboy Bebop or the all-time great pop hit “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I’m talking about the champagne of anime opening songs, the one featured in Solo Leveling: TxT’s “LEveL,” which is simply unskippable. It’s official, according to new rules from the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, skipping TxT’s banger is tantamount to a mortal sin.

So prepare to purify yourselves, anime fans, because Solo Leveling is coming back with a brand new episode!

What is Solo Leveling about?

Solo Leveling is exactly what’s written on the tin: it’s about one dude who levels up and no one else does. Kind of like what Naruto and Sasuke continuously do in Naruto Shippuden much to the chagrin of everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village (Kiba, no one wants to see you do “fang over fang” again—let it go). The story of Solo Leveling revolves around Sung Jinwoo, an E-Rank hunter in a fantasy world who dreams of someday making S-Rank. The Hokage of hunters! And in classic anime protagonist fashion, he is able to transcend his mediocrity through a convenient plot gimmick and sheer willpower! Hooray! The road is long, sure, but when you’re the only one getting better and everyone else is staying the same, you’ll overtake the competition for sure. Classic tortoise and hare logic.

At the end of episode 2, Sung Jinwoo and his fellow adventurers are trapped inside the Cartenon Temple, where a bunch of giant spooky statues begin to wreak havoc on the party. Things weren’t looking good for our hero, until the System appeared in front of Sung Jinwoo and gave him the choice to become stronger or die (pretty easy decision to make, no?) What’s the System? Essentially it’s a magical sort of computer program that chooses one person as its “Player” and allows them to level themselves up after defeating monsters and finishing quests. Sung Jinwoo just so happens to be that lucky Player!

When does episode 4 drop?

While nothing is absolutely set in stone, episode 4 of Solo Leveling is set to premiere on January 27, 2024. That’s a week after episode 3 which is slated to come out on January 20! The first season is set to follow this release schedule, with one new episode premiering every Saturday until late March, for a 12-episode season.

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