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Just When You Thought it Was Safe: Disembodied Snake Heads Can Function, Bite Themselves

Your nightmare fuel for the day!

Not too long ago we learned that turtles can live happy healthy lives with two heads, and now we know that a snake’s head will bite its body right before dying. If you didn’t think snakes could be more horrifying, check out this video and get ready to be proven wrong. I highly suggest listening to “Snake Eater” while watching.

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According to his wife, the man recording the video above had chopped off the Copperhead snake’s trademark cranium in an effort to protect his family. I’m not sure if that was the most ethical way to handle the situation, but what happened next is worth talking about.

A few seconds after the decapitation occurs, the head goes after the lower half of its former body, latching on to it with its fangs. The tail is still active as well, flailing about as the head sinks into it. All the while, the person filming watches in hiss-teria. Get it?

If there’s ever another Anaconda film, I think we can all agree that this would be an amazing twist after the survivors think they’ve finally killed the snake. And I don’t think anyone would be opposed to the idea of Snakehead-nado, Syfy.

(via Youtube, featured image via Patrick Coin)

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