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Watch Nintendo’s Smash Bros.-Dedicated Nintendo Direct Stream With Us at 6PM ET [Stream Replay Added]

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[UPDATE] Replay is up. If you don’t have time to watch 40 minutes of Smash Bros. news, here’s a condensed list of what we learned.

Nintendo is delivering a Smash Bros.-centric edition of their Nintendo Direct announcement streams tonight at 6PM ET, and you can watch it live right here (we’ll have the English version as soon as it’s available. If not, you can watch here. we have it now!). It’s anyone’s guess what the big news will be, but Nintendo has already said we’ll get a “release window” for the game, and it should be the most in-depth look at the mashup fighter anyone has gotten so far.

Up until now, Nintendo has only announced that the game would be coming in 2014. Despite the fact that both Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, along with most Nintendo titles throughout history, saw release date delays, they seem adamant that Smash Bros. will make it into stores this year.

I’m inclined to believe them, because it would be great for lagging console sales. Today, they tweeted that we can expect to get a release window during the Nintendo Direct:

For a company as tight-lipped as Nintendo, letting us know this long before the stream that we’ll get a release window announcement is definitely hyping up what we’re going to see. Although, I’d bet anything that the window is “holiday 2014,” which anyone with a brain should have assumed ever since the original “2014” date was given.

(via Nintendo, image via Nintendo)

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