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Japanese Company Introduces Smartphone Controlled Toilet [Video]

Japanese toilets are famously ridiculous, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. It’s a lot like if someone made a version of Pimp My Ride, but for toilets. They have features like heated seats, sound effects, and power lids. One company has just taken the toilet game to the next level. Manufacturer Lilix is launching three new toilet models that can be controlled using an Android smartphone. Now you don’t have to just use your phone on the toilet. You can use your phone to control your toilet.

Lixil is coming out with bluetooth equipped Satis toilets in the Spring of next year, and with the My Satis app for Android, users can control all the features it has to offer. Do you like listening to music on the toilet? Because this toilet has speakers, and you can play music through them wirelessly from your phone. The app can control when the toilet flushes, and can even raise and lower the lid.

The My Satis app even features a “toilet diary” that allows you to track how often you use the toilet, what events occurred, how they went, and even predict your water bill for the month based on your activity. That’s gross, but also kind of interesting.

With smartphones being able to control more things in our lives, like our TVs and cars, it was only a matter of time before someone made a smartphone controlled toilet. Hopefully this will catch on in America. Or at the very least, someone please invent a way for me to flush public toilets with my phone instead of having to do that thing where you push the handle down with your foot.

Check out this video showing off all the features the Satis toilet has to offer.

(via Japan Trends, image via Lixil)

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