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Skyrim PlayStation 3 DLC Finally Gets Release Dates

Hell must have frozen over, pigs are surely flying, and dozens of other tired phrases have obviously come to pass. It’s the only explanation for the PlayStation 3 downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim finally receiving release dates. Bethesda had promised that they’d come in February, but only a fool completely believes such claims. It’s been months — four months short of a year for Dawnguard — since they released on Xbox 360, but PlayStation 3 users will finally get all three this month.

Specifically, here’s the rundown for when PlayStation 3 owners can get their grubby hands on extra content for Skyrim:

  • Dragonborn — February 12th
  • Hearthfire — February 19th
  • Dawnguard — February 26th

Those are all, of course, on the Tuesday of their respective weeks. It’s actually a little depressing that they’re releasing in reverse order. That means the first to hit Xbox 360 will be the last to land on PlayStation 3. The whole thing’s been a depressing saga, but at least there’s already a ton of stuff to do in Skyrim.

It’s just that there’s been less to do in the PS3 version for almost a year.

(Bethesda Blog via Polygon)

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