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Official Skyrim Portal 2 Mod Might be Hiding a Portal 2 Quest

Yesterday, Skyrim’s official mod tools released to the masses, and along with a high resolution texture pack, came a somewhat out of left field Portal 2 mod, wherein the Space Core plummeted to Skyrim’s fertile ground. Today, through console commands, YouTube user Memorable found a hint that either a Portal-related quest now resides in Skyrim so long as one has the Space Core mod, or a Portal-related quest is incoming in a future update.

In the above video, Memorable goes through where to obtain the Space Core, as well as the things it does and doesn’t do. However, when he pulls down the console and enters “help portal,” it lists portal-related things in the game, one of which is named “portal2quest.” Pretty self-explanatory. There isn’t word of anyone actually finding some kind of Portal 2-related quest in the game as of yet, and even if it does not exist in this mod, this mod is entitled Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1, volume 1 meaning there might be other volumes with which to introduce quests.

(via Joystiq)

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