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Official Skyrim Mod Tools Released, Along With Portal 2 Space Sphere Mod

Only the second title to be featured on Steam Workshop, the creation area of Valve’s community, Bethesda has finally brought us Skyrim’s official modding tools, the Creation Kit. Along with giving players the ability to legitimately mod Skyrim, the kit comes with a high-resolution texture pack for the game, and oddly enough, teamed up with Valve to release a Portal 2 mod for Skyrim, the Space Sphere mod. That’s right, everyone’s favorite insane personality sphere can now follow players around the world of Skyrim. The creation kit is free, and around only 40 megabytes in size, so go grab it, and start modding your Dragonborn heart out, and visit the Creation Kit wiki for all your modding needs.

(Steam via Joystiq)

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