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Comics to Read After Last Night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 5 “Girl in the Flower Dress” [Updated]

Scorch on!


Last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD introduced a number of new characters, powers, and hinted at someone very important. As always, we dig through the back issues to bring you some comic book recommendations we think you should check out after the episode.

The baddie of the week this time around was a man named Chan Ho Yin who ends up going by the name “Scorch” before all is said and done. Though we haven’t found any reference to anyone named Chan Ho Yin in Marvel comics, there are a few characters who have gone by “Scorch” and Chan’s pyrokinetic powers are far from unique in the Marvel Universe.

It’s unlikely we’ll see him return — though we won’t rule it out entirely — so if you want to see more of Scorch, we recommend picking up:

Blackwulf #2-#4


This Scorch is a different Scorch than we saw last night, but he’s still Scorch. Blackwulf Scorch is former Air Force officer and criminal Ross Jonas. Over the course of three issues he plays a fairly minor role in Blackwulf’s origin. Scorch doesn’t get much in the way of backstory, but according to the Marvel database this Scorch is a mutant.

Chan’s pyrokinetic power from last night’s episode isn’t really explained, so perhaps he too is a mutant. Though there’s certainly no shortage of people who can shoot fire in the Marvel universe. There’s even another Scorch, which leads us to…

Night Thrasher #13 & #14

Tommy Ng

Oh yes, it’s pretty much Scorches all the way down over at Marvel. Alright, just these two, but still. Night Thrasher’s Scorch is really Tommy Ng, and was created by Ultimate Spider-Man Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott [Corrected] just a month after Blackwulf’s Scorch was created in July 1994.

Tommy “Scorch” Ng only got two appearances in the book in issues #14 and #15. He too is a pyrokinetic mutant, and there’s a possibility he’s related to the mutant Silk Fever. Not much else is known about him, but if you pick up the books you can follow all (see: both) of his scorchy adventures as he faces off against the Night Thrasher.

As for the tag on the end of the show where they mention “The Clairvoyant” do we even dare to guess at which one of the dozens of Marvel psychic characters they’re referencing? We know they don’t like to be touched, but have little else to go on.

(via Marvel Database Ross Jonas and Marvel Database Tommy Ng, images via Marvel)

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