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Comics to Read After Last Night’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 3 “The Asset”

A villain is born!


It’s that time of the week again where we go over the events of last night’s Agents of SHIELD (officially dropping the periods) and recommend some comics for you to read. There are few spoilers if you missed the episode, but if you’re all caught up come learn about the new villain!

Avengers #158

Avengers 158

Last night’s episode introduced Franklin Hall, who Marvel fans may better know as Graviton. Hall first appeared in Avengers #158 all the way back in 1977. In the comics Hall gets his gravity powers when a teleportation experiment goes awry. That’s a little different than how things played out in the show last night.

Of course in SHIELD we didn’t actually see Graviton. We saw Franklin Hall in a major event that will probably turn him into Graviton, but he’s not in a costume or anything. Though no one’s going to be surprised to see him again later this season.

As for the Graviton of comics, his first story continues in:

Avengers #159

Avengers #159

Besides the second half of the Graviton story, issue #159 also sees Thor and Black Panther join the Avengers. There are a lot of cameo appearances by other heroes who all try to stop Graviton from destroying New York and taking over the world.

So there you go. Get caught up on your Graviton knowledge before he comes back in a future episode.

(via Marvel Database, images via Marvel)

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