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SDCC Marvel Live Stream Chat Demands More ‘Morbius’

MORE (bius)

Jared Leto as Morbius in the very bad Morbius movie.

Yesterday began the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2022, and while we can’t safely watch everything from home with a Blizzcon-like structure, the team at Marvel is running daily live streams with announcements, quizzes, interviews (like with Marvel’s creative director, Brian Cosbey), cosplay features, and more. Because Thursday was the first day of SDCC this year, there weren’t a whole lot of announcements related to the MCU or Disney+ just yet. However, that wouldn’t satiate a chat full of those who sought news on their dark lord Dr. Michael Morbius.

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Because Marvel put the chat on slow-mo, it was pretty tame and only brought up every 10-ish lines of chat (except during the quizzes). If you’ve been on a Twitch or YouTube live stream with over 200 people in it, you know hype can get out of hand. Every time I glanced at the viewer count, it was always in the thousands. They recycled a lot of jokes, however, “Morbius made 92 MORBILLION DOLLARS” is a new one to me.

Even today, on day two of four, they just kept asking. We got Spider-Man, X-Men, and Marvel Zombies news. But of course, nothing related to Sony, because Marvel doesn’t own the film rights to the character, and why would they want it after the abysmal box office numbers? (Yes, I’m trying to rationalize this to myself in the face of absurdity, and failing miserably.) Even the movie’s dubious memeified fame couldn’t bring in more (billion) dollars during its ill-advised rerelease.

In addition to the Morbin’ jokes, a lot of people are demanding justice for Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, presumably after the character’s mishandling during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Even if there were a Morbius sequel (hopefully sans the cultish, alleged predator Jared Leto) or even a solo Wanda Maximoff film, we would not be getting it this early on during the convention, if at all.

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