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Schweddy Balls: A Ben & Jerry's Tribute to That Old Saturday Night Live Sketch

A somewhat iconic sketch from a less iconic generation of Saturday Night Live has now been paid tribute by Ben & Jerry’s, creator and purveyor of somewhat odd ice cream flavors that all end up being some kind of vanilla with some kind of fudge in it. The sketch, featuring Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon as two NPR radio hosts, and Alec Baldwin as the ice cream’s titular Pete Schweddy, sees the two radio hosts talking softly, attempting to make the catch phrase “good times” a hilarious beacon of comedy, and interviewing Pete Schweddy, who shows off his Christmas balls, a holiday dessert. As one may expect, the rest of the sketch is a bunch of ball-related puns, which propelled it straight into a limited edition flavor of ice cream over a decade later. Perhaps a little risqué for Ben & Jerry’s, or perhaps servicing a large fanbase of people who dig Schweddy Balls.

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The limited edition flavor features a slightly rum flavored vanilla ice cream and contains fudge covered rum and malt balls. The wording is a little odd, but one can assume the malt balls are rum and malt flavored, rather than the ice cream containing fudge covered rum. Read on below to relive 1998 and watch somewhat iconic sketch.

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