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Russell T. Davies Is Creating a Children’s Show Called Aliens Vs. Wizards (Guess What It’s About!)

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Russell T. Davies, former Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures showrunner, has signed on with BBC‘s kids channel, CBBC, to create a 12-episode series called Aliens Vs. Wizards. It is being described as “Doctor Who meets Harry Potter,” and so it is guaranteed instant success, at least in England, and for the very niche, geeky group of Americans who are suckers for that stuff, present company included. The good news is that Davies is not the only member of the Doctor Who creative universe to be a part of this: lots of Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures alumni are along for the ride!

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Since Russell T. Davies has 1. a good track record of producing hit shows, 2. a good track record of resurrecting hit shows, and 3. a good track record of producing silly, wonderful science fiction, there is a lot of cause to be very optimistic about Aliens Vs. Wizards as not just a kids show, but possibly a show we can all enjoy. Another reason to believe there is reason to have faith in this show: the BBC has already ordered a second series before the first has been written.

The announcement came by way of Davies’ agency, which included a brand new listing for Aliens Vs. Wizards on his filmography. Listed as co-creator is Phil Ford, who served as a writer for Doctor Who and the head writer for Sarah Jane Adventures. The other Sarah Jane writers on board are Gareth Roberts and Joseph Lidster. As you probably remember, Sarah Jane Adventures ended halfway into its fifth season last spring following the death of its lead, Elisabeth Sladen. There has also been no word on a new Torchwood series, so it looks like we know what Davies will be working on this year. (Aliens Vs. Wizards, plus another pilot for BBC called Star Lost.)

No further details were provided about Aliens Vs. Wizards, except that it takes place in the present day. However, we will venture a guess and say that it will probably involve aliens doing something in opposition to wizards. And we will also keep our fingers crossed for guest spots from David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and John Barrowman.

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