Rubiks Cubes Made of Food

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Your parents told you not to play with your food: Try telling that to Adam Melonas, world-class chef and creator of these amazing scallop, fois gras, and roe rubiks cubes. Adam is Head Chef in Charge of the Lab at Paco Roncero, at 2 Michelin Star La Terraza del Casino at the ultra-exculsive Casino De Madrid. He developed this dish while coaching the 2008 Spanish team for Bocuse d’Or.

From his blog:

“The trick with this Rubiks cube is the texture of each item and also of course the cutting. All the items are fused together with Transglutaminase and pressed lightly in a rectangular terrine mold which has a height and width of 6cm. I made 2 different terrine’s as the cube is made up of 3 slices and the middle slice has to be different to the 2 outer slices so it makes a believable pattern.”

This is a pretty amazing creation. We’re used to seeing games re-incarnated through baking, but this is on a whole other level. Check out some of his other creations here.

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