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Ten Edible Board Games

We thought you’d never ask!

For some reason, the rectangular shapes and smooth detailing of hobby board games — especially those slightly abstract yet adorably representative Eurogames — makes gamers long for the sweet, sweet taste of cake. Delicious cake.

And sometimes, those gamers happen to actually be good at baking! And to produce edible versions of the board games that, while not so arcane and complex as to be unplayable, are still obscure enough that playing them doesn’t evoke memories of family Monopoly sessions.

So! Behold! Ten board games, presented in cake form!

I. Carcassone

II. Agricola

III. Risk

IV. Puerto Rico

V. Settlers of Catan

VI. Notre Dame

VII. Mahjongg

VIII. Mastermind

IX. Dune (Avalon Hill version)

X. BONUS: a d20 Pecan Pie!

Now, are there many more than these ten out there in the wilds of BoardGameGeek? Yes.

Do the vast majority of them deserve to be on CakeWrecks?


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