The Australian Royal Mint Bluey Dollarbucks Collection
(Royal Australian Mint)

‘Bluey’ Dollarbucks Are Officially Available

A little family of four sweet Aussie dogs has captured the hearts of millions of people since it emerged. Bluey is a global sensation that almost never misses, and the Royal Australian Mint wanted in, so they created a collection of Bluey “Dollarbucks,” and it’s officially here.

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If you have a toddler, love cartoons, or read about pop culture, you’ve heard of the hit Australian animated kids’ show Bluey. This adorable family-oriented children’s TV series launched in 2018, but if you’ve ever watched Bluey, you know it’s not only for kids but also has the salt and pepper of adult experiences sprinkled in, in a skillful and charming way. The show has won multiple awards for its unique, creative, and delightful nature, like an International Emmy Kids Award (2019) and a Peabody Award (2024)., so it’s no surprise that the Royal Australian Mint and BBC Studios worked together to create the official Australian Bluey Dollarbucks.

Bluey Dollarbucks details

An Australian Royal Mint Bluey Dollarbuck
(Royal Australian Mint)

The Bluey Dollarbucks collection is here as of Thursday, June 6 and features three different designs. All four of the Heeler family members are together on one coin, Bluey is on her own on the second coin, and Bluey and Bingo as The Grannies are on the third coin. It’s possible to buy just one of the coins and its coin card from the Royal Australian Mint’s Coin Shop at the Canberra Museum and Gallery. Australians can also call and order the coins through the Mint’s phone service. Additionally, Mint customers can buy all three of the coin cards together. Though they are real Australian dollars, the purpose of these Bluey Dollarbucks is not to spend them but to collect them.

One of the reasons that the Royal Australian Mint chose to create these Bluey coins was to encourage young people to begin their coin collections. It stands to reason that a mint wants people to collect coins, as Mint’s CEO Leigh Gordon said, “We hope that through this new Bluey program we are cultivating the coin collector of tomorrow.” In the past, the Royal Australian Mint has produced other collectible coins related to children’s shows such as The Wiggles. They seem to have a vested interest in cultural influence through coins, as Gordon also said, “This is the mint’s classic storytelling and social culture commentary through coin.”

Are there “long dogs” on the ‘Bluey’ coins?

A frame from the tv show 'Bluey' showing a long dog easter egg
(Ludo Studio)

If you know about Bluey and watch it religiously, you know all about “long dogs,” the Bluey easter eggs all over the show. Now they’re not only in the TV series but on the Bluey collectible Dollarbucks coins, too. According to BBC Studios director of brands and licensing ANZ Kate O’Connor, the Bluey Dollarbucks promise some long dog easter egg goodness. “Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the hidden long dogs,” said O’Connor.

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