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There Are Many Reasons For Lady Liberty to Be Represented By a Black Woman, and Only One Reason Why Not

SPOILER: That one reason is racism.

Yesterday, the United States Mint unveiled the first in a series of gold "Liberty" coins that were created to celebrate 2017 as the Mint's 225th Anniversary Year. On this first coin, which you can see in the tweet above, Lady Liberty is a black woman crowned with stars. Since this is America, this naturally led to lots of, um, discussion.

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Ancient Coin Proves China Was Into Dominating Foreign Markets Before It Was Cool

The Europeans get all the press. They've got all that history of old empires and discoverers and globe-spanning explorers. Columbus, Copernicus, Magellan. Ah, but who's writing the history? It may just be that Europe's got all the PR. There's two sides to every coin. What if the history books are wrong sometimes? What if, for example, China was out and about discovering stuff decades before Christopher Columbus even boarded a ship? Anthropologists have just unearthed a 600-year-old coin near Kenya that proves that China was hip to trading a long, long time ago.

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Here’s a Surprisingly Calming Hour of a Nickel Rolling on a Treadmill [Video]

What happens when you set a coin rolling on a treadmill? Will it keep rolling perpetually until outside forces cause it stop? That's a good question, and one that we can safely say has an answer now. YouTube user Parker Reed set out to, well, it's not really clear what he set out to accomplish. Whatever it was, Reed ended up setting a nickel rolling on a treadmill and recorded an entire hour worth of video. It's actually a surprisingly zen 60 minutes of a single rolling coin and treadmill background noise.

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Canada Mint Offers a Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Quarter

If you're a collector of coins, all things Canadian, or dinosaur paraphernalia, has the Canadian mint got something for you. Presenting: A Canadian quarter showcasing a dinosaur that, when the lights turn down, glows in the dark as its own skeleton. As a bonus, considering it is printed by the Canadian mint, it should be accepted as legal tender.

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Insert Coin for a Very Impressive Stop Motion Movie

This stop-motion animated video using nothing but coins on a black sheet seems really impressive.  Then in the making-of clip at the end the animators show you the simple trick they use to position the coins. And it's still really impressive. (via Laughing Squid.)

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