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All Bluey Cast and Characters

Bluey is a global phenomenon, and with good reason! This adorable children’s show has some top-caliber writing and animation, not to mention first-class talent voicing the dogs who populate Bluey’s world. So who is that talent? Who are all those dogs? Here are the recurring cast and characters who make up Bluey’s world, from her loving family to the parents of all her friends.

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Bluey follows the adventures of Bluey Heeler as she plays, learns and grows. The series is currently streaming on Disney+.

Note that, because of privacy concerns, most of the child actors on the series are uncredited. That’s why you won’t see a cast member’s name next to every character. All characters in this list are uncredited unless noted.


Blue sits in the rain, smiling down at some toys in front of her.

The titular pup herself! Bluey is an exuberant 6-year-old girl who loves playing pretend and exploring the world.


Bingo emerges from a planet like an egg against a black background.

Bingo is Bluey’s 4-year-old sister. The two get along amazingly well, and rope their parents into all sorts of games.

Bandit (David MacCormack)

Bandit wears a chef's hat and fake mustache while Bluey and Bingo sit at the kitchen table. Bandit smiles down at Bingo.

Bluey and Bingo’s dad Bandit is an archaeologist, although you almost never see him at work. Instead, Bandit seems to spend most of his time playing with Bluey and Bingo.

Chilli (Melanie Zanetti)

Chilli sits on a rug with baby Bluey in a parent's group.

Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mom. She’s a sweet and gentle mother, but she does need time to herself occasionally.

Bluey’s friends

Along with Bingo, Bluey has a gaggle of classmates that she plays with at school. Some of them don’t get a lot of screen time. Others occasionally get their own plots! For example, Winton is a lovable weirdo with a heart of gold, while Indy and Mackenzie sometimes need a little nudge to find their self-confidence. Other classmates include Chloe, Rusty, Honey, Coco (Frederique Sims), Snickers (Samson Highland), Jack, and the Terriers. Bluey also has a friend in the neighborhood, Judo, who’s afraid to get her luxurious fur dirty.

Bluey’s school is run by the teacher, Calypso (Meg Washington).

Bluey’s extended family

Along with Bluey’s immediate family, we also meet some of her relatives. Stripe (Dan Brumm) is Bandit’s brother and Bluey’s uncle. Nana (Chris Brumm) is Bluey’s grandmother, and Bandit’s mother. Trixie (Myf Warhurst) is Bluey’s aunt, and the mother of their cousins Muffin and Socks.

Bluey’s friends’ parents and neighbors

Of course, no neighborhood would be complete without a multitude of friends’ parents and other assorted neighbors. Here are all the other grown-ups who appear in Bluey!

  • Lucky’s Dad (Brad Elliot)
  • Bandit’s friend Rocko (Daley Pearson)
  • Judo’s mom Wendy (Emily Taheny)
  • Mackenzie’s Dad (Richard Jeffrey)
  • Coco’s mom (Leigh Sales)
  • Chloe’s Dad (Francis Stanton)
  • Bluey’s neighbor Doreen (Kelly Butler)
  • Jack’s Dad (Hamish Blake)

Bluey guest stars

Finally, Bluey has enjoyed some A-list guest stars over the years. Natalie Portman plays a nature documentary narrator in “Whale Watching,” and Lin Manuel Miranda plays a talking horse named Major Tom in “Stories.”

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