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Rock Band is Adding a 20 Minute Song, Rush's "2112"

After being sold for less than the price of their actual game, Harmonix went back to independent status and continued to work on their musical gaming opus, Rock Band. Though the luster and sheen has worn off for many avid Rock Band enthusiasts, myself included, the series’ regularly released downloadable content is still going strong, nothing short of an amazing feat. For Harmonix’s next amazing feat, they will be releasing nothing short — Rush’s2112,” which will be separated into three separate playable packages, but will also come with the full, 20-minute-long track of the entire 2112 suite if the whole DLC package is purchased, rather than just the separately available tracks.

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Harmonix is known to put these kind of marathon sessions into Rock Band games, with various Endless Setlist setlists, which is every song in a row in one playlist, and even handing out achievements and trophies for completing them on different difficulties without failing a song or even pausing.

So, while we’ll continue to be amazed that Harmonix is still regularly putting out DLC for their music gaming platform, we’re going to be amazed that one piece of DLC will be a 20 minute song, and we’ll be amazed when we find out a bunch of people bought it and scored perfect runs on expert and pro difficulties.

(via Rock Band Blog)

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