There’s Something Weird About These Age of Ultron DVD and Blu-ray Covers

Yeah, like where's Hawk-guy, amirite?


OK, OK. Fine. We Photoshopped that. A little. But #WheresNatasha? Seriously.

[Update: There she is! But not there. Or there. Hmm. Choose wisely.]

Remember that time an all-dude team saved the entire world? Weird how Bruce Banner just slipped and fell down that shaft to Hulk out and join the fight. And why was Hawkeye talking to himself in that building about how silly it was that he was fighting robots with a bow and arrow? Man, Age of Ultron was an even more disjointed mess than I remembered, I guess.

Or, oh, there were actually some other characters in it, despite what the DVD and Blu-ray covers would have you believe:



Comparatively, the Blu-ray is +1 (metal) dude, ± 0 women. True, they also left Hawkeye and Quicksilver off the box, but there are plenty of other men to fill that gap—and it’s not great that the entire “core” Avengers team is all guys to begin with, so that excuse doesn’t help much.

Maybe Marvel was afraid of cluttering up the box with too many characters? I don’t know; they didn’t seem concerned about that problem in the movie, so I don’t know why they’d suddenly be worried about it now.

(via Friend of The Mary Sue Sam Maggs on Twitter, image via “man cave sign” & our edits)

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