YouTube Show Set to Start Airing on ABC Because We Needed More Cooking Shows

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YouTube seems to only be gaining more traction as time goes on. Even with Content ID shenanigans, there’s no better site to visit for streaming Internet video of things like music or hilarious memes. Their original content has only grown, and now one of the shows they’ve invested in, Recipe Rehab, will actually begin airing on ABC in October. If nothing else, this means YouTube is certainly picking the right shows to back.

Recipe Rehab is part of the Everyday Health channel, and does well for itself, but the move to a more traditional outlet in order to supplement their web presence can only help. The Verge explains:

Everyday Health reportedly gets more than 30 million unique visitors to its various web properties every month, and the company hopes that its new broadcast presence will drive more visitors to its YouTube channel and vice-versa. However, an Everyday Health executive also said that it was “hard for us as a business to be YouTube-only.” ABC had no comment, and while the show is slated to being airing on Saturday mornings, it’s not clear yet which specific channels will air the new program.

If you’ve been jonesing for an ABC cooking show on Saturday mornings, it looks like they’ve managed to fulfill your strangely specific wish. Perhaps it will provide a nice smattering of the Internet for the average television viewer.

(The Wall Street Journal via The Verge, image via Yaili)

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