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Study Finds Pokéwalker More Accurate Than Other Pedometers

Nintendo’s weird peripheral from the HeartGold and SoulSilver Pokémon generation, the Pokéwalker, is an interesting mix of pedometer and portable digital pet. As it turns out, the pedometer half of the peripheral is better at being a pedometer than regular pedometers, according to researchers at Iowa State University.

At a recent experimental biology conference, Iowa State professor Lorraine Lanningham-Foster presented the findings from ongoing research regarding how the Pokéwalker encourages children to partake in physical activity. The study tested various pedometers counting steps on a treadmill running at four different speeds, and the Pokéwalker ended up being the most accurate at counting the steps. Kotaku points out that the research isn’t being funded by Nintendo, but by Iowa State’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center.

(The Cedar Rapids Gazette via Kotaku)

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