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Let’s Have a Serious Talk About Pokémon Living Conditions

What's it like inside a Poké Ball? Take a look at this snazzy infographic to find out.



So you’ve gone and caught em’ all. Now what? Pokémon (maybe) are living things and you’ve crammed them into a tiny Poké Ball without a second thought like a savage. What’s it really like in there? The real estate experts at Movoto broke it down in their latest infographic. It seems like they are either completely wonderful or horribly monstrous living conditions.

This infographic briefly explains the different theories about what exactly happens to Pokémon when they’re put inside a Poké Ball, and some theories are more pleasant than others. Let’s take a look:

Inside a Pokemon's Poke Ball

I’m not as opposed to the Data Theory as the folks at Movoto seem to be, because I’m fine treating my fictional fighting monsters as objects. Also, if they’re data then they can basically just be living inside The Matrix, which is pretty great. The Physical Size theory is pretty sad though, but it raises the question — If you can shrink a Pokémon enough to cram it into a Poké Ball, why can’t you shrink it enough to fit comfortably?

The Ideal Environment Theory is much more pleasant either way, and in fact makes me wish I lived inside a Poké Ball and not my house. My house is lovely, but it doesn’t have a Poké-masseuse or a working hot tub.

Normally Movoto breaks these things down and slaps a price tag on them, but the price would vary wildly based on which theory you’re going with, and also by the amenities in each Ideal Environment.

Movoto seems pretty settled on the Ideal Environment Theory, but I’d like to propose one of my own: All Poké Balls are really TARDISes and The Doctor will eventually regenerate into Psyduck. PsyDuckter Who. Please, BBC make PsyDuckter Who be a thing.

(via Movoto)

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