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Show About a Hapless Manchild Finally Says “Screw It, We’re Making This a Peter Pan Adaptation”


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A live-action Disney remake, a made-for-TV musical, and now a sitcom. The zeitgeist has come for you, Peter Pan. There’s no use trying to run fly away.

Via Deadline, this new Peter Pan adaptation will be a workplace comedy called Wendy and Peter. As you might guess from the whole “workplace comedy” thing, the adaptation is pretty loose. The character at the center of the NBC sitcom is (wait for it) Wendy, who “who wants to find love with a real man, but finds herself falling for Peter, who refuses to fully embrace adulthood.” That sounds like any one of a large number of shows/movies that have come out particularly in the past few years.

Lest you think the title Wendy and Peter is just for zing, the show will “[use] the world of Peter Pan as its backdrop,” according to Rashida Jones, who’s executive producing along with writer-actress Marisa Coughlan (on whose dating experience the show is partially based) and Will McCormack. Jones adds that the show “combines pathos, comedy and heart, creating the perfect love story.”

So, what’re we thinking? Captain Hook’s the evil boss, right? If he doesn’t have comically exaggerated drawn-on cheekbones then I am not interested.

I dunno, guys. A Peter Pan workplace sitcom is weird, but is it weirder and more magical than a Les Misérables legal drama? I’m still waiting on you, Rob Thomas. I know you’ve got the Veronica Mars sequel and webseries spinoff on your plate, but seriously, don’t let me down here.

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