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Japan Quenches Our Thirst for Pancake-Flavored Milkshakes

According to the corporate profile on its website, Japanese food and confectionary giant Morinaga considers its mission to be “Striving to Be an Angel to Consumers and Society.” This may or may not help explain its most recent endeavor: A pancake-flavored milkshake in a can.

Morinaga is well-known in Japan for their iconic pancake mix, and with their canned milkshake, they hope to capture the nostalgia many feel for bygone breakfasts. The flavors of butter, maple syrup, and pancake, all in one can … sounds pretty tasty, actually. The 10-ounce milkshakes cost 120 yen (roughly $1.40) and will bring all the customers to the yard beginning September 8th.

(via InventorSpot)

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