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The First Ostrich Ever to Fly is a Stuffed Quadcopter Monster

File under: Kill it, kill it, KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Last year, artist Bart Jansen teamed with engineer Arjen Beltman to memorialize his dead cat, Orville, by stuffing and preserving the deceased animal and turning its remains into a quadcopter. This summer, the pair used the same principles to create the horror you see here — behold, ostrich copter, a flying machine that is also a stuffed ostrich.

If anyone needed any further proof that ostriches were never meant to fly, this monstrosity should thoroughly close the case. The ostrich copter follows the same basic design of Jansen’s Orvillecopter, with the animal first taxidermied into a shape suitable for a quadcopter body. The larger ostrich then looks to have good-sized frame attached to it which sports four rotors, which, spinning together, provide enough lift for the macabre flying machine take to the air and fly directly into your worst nightmares.

For those of you interested in more detail on how the craft was constructed, Jansen promises that tech specs for this flying Frankenstein’s monster will be available on his website soon.

And don’t worry, animal advocates — the male ostrich used in the building of this project lived on a farm and died of disease, so no animals were harmed in its production. Lots of humans were totally freaked out, though, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

(via Bart Jansen)

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