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Artist Turns His Dead Cat Into a Terrifying Quadcopter

Dutch artist Bart Jansen was in mourning after his cat was run over by a car and killed. In the midst of his grief, inspiration struck Jansen: Take his cat’s stuffed, tanned body and turn it into a quadrotor helicopter. And the name of this deceased, flying feline? Orville.

Jansen has been working on a functioning version of the Orvillecopter since at least March of this year. However, the early version lacked power and could barely get off the ground. His latest version — thanks in part to a continued collaboration with model helicopter expert Arjen Beltman — is much more robust, capable of stable, sustained flight.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, you can see Orvillecopter in person at the Kunstrai art festival. The rest of us will just have to enjoy this video of a dead, flying cat scaring some cows.

(via U.K. Daily Mail)

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