National Weather Service Hides Cryptic Message In Forecast

It's perhaps the most accurate thing meteorologists have ever broadcast.
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The National Weather Service may catch a lot of heat (heh) for their sometimes-inaccurate meteorological predictions, but they’ll get nothing but sympathy for their latest forecast. Hidden in their morning forecast on Friday Oct. 4 was a cryptic message that reveals the current emotional temperature of the NWS.

Though the message seems pretty routine upon first read-through, if you read lengthwise down the first letter of every line, the message spells out P-L-E-A-S-E-P-A-Y-U-S. Yup: “Please pay us.” It’s the most snarky acrostic poem ever.


Though the Anchorage meteorologists declined comment, there’s no way this wasn’t on purpose. In the midst of the government shut-down, NWS employees aren’t being paid for their time (which totally sucks); but, because their service is essential, they have to keep working.

Let’s hope the folks in charge hear the NWS’s message, and get back to work soon. If not, we hope for more witty weather acrostics in the meantime.

(via CNN, images via NASA GSFC and NWS)

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