Now This Is How You Eat a Watermelon

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Sometimes, it’s nice to see a person just really, really enjoy something. For instance, take Mr. Tom Willett here, who enjoys eating watermelon very much. He is also really quite good at it. Which is a good thing to be, if you are going to do something like make a nearly 10 minute YouTube clip about how to eat a watermelon, a proposition which is more complicated than it seems at first blush.

Willett has a number of helpful ProTips to offer on subjects like what to eat with your watermelon and how to properly divide it into sectors. Within this video, there are secret ingredients, strong opinions on the matter of adding salt to things, and an Archimedes’ Principle of Watermelons. Beyond that, we don’t really know what to say, except that this is way more compelling than any watermelon consumption tutorial has the right to be. Please pay close attention. There will be a test on this material later.

(via Featureman on YouTube)

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