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The Best How-To Channel On YouTube, a Sampling of 11 Valuable Lessons

One of the best, most practical things the Internet can do is provide you with instructions on how to do things that you don’t know how to do. Things like how to write a cover letter, how to tie a tie, or how to make it in America (all common Google searches). But what about the billions upon billions of more mundane things? Things like how to open a door with a toaster, how to take a valve out of a shoe, or how to touch a wall with an apple? Well, the HowToDoAnythingTV channel on YouTube has you covered. It seems they are making a valiant effort to create how-to videos for all the things, starting with the most obscure. I applaud them for their public service.

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Below, we have a sampling of a mere 11 of the exceedingly valuable lessons you can learn from HowToDoAnythingTV. Now, you may already be familiar with how to do some of these things, but in that case, I urge you to pay close attention to the technique displayed. The man in the videos is a master, and while you may already know how to throw a dirty sock on the floor, you can learn a lot from the way he does it.

1. How to throw a dirty sock on the floor. We’ll start out with one of the simpler ones. Pay close attention to the deftness of his release. Poetry in motion.

2. How to stretch a dirty sock. Note: The method for stretching clean socks is distinctly different.

3. How to touch a wall with an apple. Notice the extreme importance of having a thumb.

4. How to take a valve out of a shoe. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on a video about how to make a valve release Half-Life 3.

5. How to take a shoe out of a shoe. When necessary, this process can be performed immediately before any process in which another object is removed from either shoe.

6. How to open a door with a toaster. Curiously, the step in which the toaster is unplugged seems to be omitted. Then again, I’m not the one making the how-to videos.

7. How to take a LAN card from the top of a hard drive. A must-know for all you technology geeks out there.

8. How to get 100 billion views on YouTube. It must be a slow burn. The video isn’t quite there yet.

9. How to turn water into wine in the dark. Done in the dark to hide your shameful heresy from God, presumably.

10. How to put a piece of cheese on a tire. You’re in for a treat here. Bloopers are included. Most of the mistakes are ones that anyone would make, but many of them are quite chuckle-worthy, I do say. Indeed.

11. How to turn off caps lock. Commenters take note!

Of course this is but a smattering of the wealth of knowledge available at HowToDoAnythingTV’s YouTube channel. If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about, you’re in luck; HowToDoAnythingTV takes requests! Happy doing, everybody.

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