Osamu Dazai becomes a victim of isekai in No Longer Allowed in Another World after getting hit by a truck

Osamu Dazai Is Truck-Kun’s Latest Victim in ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’

No Longer Allowed in Another World is the isekai we didn’t see coming. Don’t we have enough anime about Osamu Dazai? Apparently not, or maybe people have been missing Dazai since the last season of Bungo Stray Dogs ended.

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The comparisons between these two iterations of Osamu Dazai haven’t been subtle either. Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa, authors of the Bungo Stray Dogs manga, played into this joke. The pair recently published an illustration of the two Dazais lying down in parallel.

At least Dazai in this new anime would be much happier, right? We’ve seen him suffer enough in the other anime. Episode one of No Longer Allowed in Another World is named “I Must Commit Double-Suicide!” It came out on July 4, 2024, and you can now watch this new series at Crunchyroll.

Dazai still has no will to live in this universe

In an attempt to end his life with his lover, Dazai, from No Longer Allowed in Another World, is hit by someone notorious for ending the lives of many Isekai protagonists. You didn’t see him coming from a mile away, but Truck-Kun hit Dazai and his lover. Is it even an Isekai if it doesn’t start with Truck-Kun slamming straight into the protagonist?

The trope of truck slamming has gotten so popular that even this anime explained how it’s the norm for trucks to transport people into other worlds. Where can I find these magical trucks?

Anyway, Dazai wakes up in an unfamiliar world full of color. If you think he’s about to be happier in this new world with dragons, Dazai tries to embrace eternal sleep yet again by feeding himself a bottle of prescription pills.

That scene was supposed to be funny, but it’s difficult to laugh at just by reading my description of it. But if the world has rejected Dazai’s death once, then there must be a good meaning behind that. Will Dazai gain the will to live in this new world? Hopefully, but if he doesn’t, we have unlimited healing magic that will keep him alive at least.

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