Dazai talking about human behavior from Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4

There’s a Disturbing Reason Dazai Wears Bandages in ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’

The style choices of anime characters are forever a mystery, and Dazai’s, from Bungo Stray Dogs, are no exception. Why does Dazi wear bandages? There’s no official answer, but I’m gonna try to give you one anyway.

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You’d honestly have a better time asking why Edward Elric wears those metal prosthetics in Fullmetal Alchemist. Why Ryuko Matoi wears a bloodsucking sailor suit in Kill La Kill. Why Kenpachi Zaraki, Kakashi Sensei, and Satoru Gojo all wear things that cover their eyes. All those fashion choices have plot-driven reasons. Dazai’s bandages? It’s more of a symbolic thing.

Dazai isn’t the first bandage-clad anime hero. Lots of anime characters wear bandages, band-aids, and other medical gear. Usually it’s to keep things covered (shocker), like old wounds or powerful latent abilities. Dazai? According to the mangaka of Bungo Stray Dogs himself, the bandages on Dazai’s body are more of a visual metaphor. Dazai has a death wish. His mind is plagued with suicidal ideation. According to the creator, he drew Dazai in bandages to physically represent the state of Dazai’s mind.

Given Dazai’s desire to die, it’s possible that he could be covered with old scars already. It’s also possible that his body is so battered and bruised from the constant healing that his job requires him to go through that his bandages are quite literally the only thing holding him together. Another likely interpretation? The same reason why Rogue from X-Men wears gloves. While Dazai can’t suck the life out of people with a touch, his power allows him to nullify the powers of his opponents. It’s possible that he wears them in order to protect his comrades from accidental touch.

While there’s no one reason for Dazai’s bandage wearing, I think we can all agree one thing: Those bandages look cool.

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