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Here's a Question: Which of These Musical Videos is More Nightmare Inducing?

We’re having a bit of a friendly discussion here at Geekosystem about two videos. One features the musical stylings of Pete Drake and his talking guitar, the other is a bizarre OtamaTone instrument with a “talking” rubber mouth. Both feature the tone-shaping ability of a mouth, or some kind of mouth, and both are thoroughly weird. But which is truly the strangest?

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Eric: At first glance, this video appears to be nothing more than your average chain chomp singing some sort of swing tune. Typical run-of-the-mill stuff. But after one, two, or fifteen views, you start to pick up on some strange, horrifying details. Either that or you start hallucinating them. Who can say which? It’s as if, at certain moments when the pitch slips, you can suddenly hear the tortured cries of a sonic slave who wants nothing more than to have its cheeks left unsqueezed. Listen to that bit right around 1:00 a few times. You can hear it crying. And the worst part? The very worst part? You can’t stop yourself from watching it over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

Max: I’ll concede that the Japan video has a real creepy vibe to it, no doubt. But when it comes to straight-up weirdness, you cannot beat this video of Pete Drake and his steel guitar. Weird MC in a sequin tuxedo? Check. Dead-eyed back up band? Check. Uncomfortable close up of back up singers? Check. And on top of this, you’ve got this bizarre piece of 1960s musical technology. It’s basically Peter Frampton’s talk box, but with the country backdrop the sounds coming out of his mouth-guitar are truly unearthly. It’s like if David Lynch directed a TV variety act, in my dreams.

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