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Rebecca Black Just Keeps on Going With Her Third Single, "Person of Interest" [Video]

Rebecca Black is back with her third single, “Person of Interest.” Like with her second single, “My Moment,” this single seems to be edging in the direction of regular, boring, teen pop. Sure, the song starts with the lyrics, “When I talk, you listen. I like that. When you listen, you smile and I like that,” but the song is pretty standard for the teen pop music wave, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to decipher the difference between this song and any Miley Cyrus song.

This is kind of a sad day, not because Rebecca Black has released yet another song (ha ha), but because she’s not releasing anything fun and original. For as bad as “Friday” was heralded to be, it was fun. The story behind the creation of the video was fun, and weird company that produced the video, Ark Music Factory, was so odd that the whole thing almost seemed to be like some kind of joke or creepy cult. Now, however, that we know the deal behind Ark Music Factory and Rebecca Black herself, the only thing we had left to obsess over is how silly her songs are, or could be. The progression from “My Moment” to “Person of Interest,” though, shows us that she isn’t embracing the ridiculousness of “Friday” and her Internet meme celebrity, and that she’s trying to make “real” music, which ultimately, turns out like this third single.

You can’t blame her for not wanting to become famous for being a joke, and you can’t blame her for not embracing it and catapulting her own fame via making terrible music. From everything we’ve seen from her ever since “Friday” blew up the Internet, she’s a nice girl, but maybe in over her young head.

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