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Possibly Fake Boyband Totally Likes You, Wants to Make it "Facebook Official" [Video]

Anthropologists take note: This music video from the freshly minted boyband Heart2Heart will likely be cited as the watershed moment when our society embraced the concept of making romantic relationships public by declaring them “Facebook official.” Either that or this is a pitch-perfect (autotuned?) parody from former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass, who is listed as the band’s mentor.

In their analysis of this puzzling piece of music, Bilboard notes that the group is managed by Nick Reed who apparently has a history of producing musical parodies. Perhaps that is the smoking gun, but I’d be willing to go either way on this one. Regardless, their official website is a veritable font of hilarity. Be sure to read through the band’s bios which lists the roles for each member, including: Leader, swag general, lead rapper, and youngest. Because that’s apparently a job now.

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