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Gotta Go Fast: New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Rumored to Be Unveiled in February


It’s becoming more and more readily apparent that a year can’t go by without Sega releasing a new game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with 2013 possibly maintaining this perennial trend. Rumors have been circulating that the game developer and publisher is planning to unveil Sonic’s latest adventure in mid-February with a potential release date set either for the fall or winter of this year. Presently, there are no specifics regarding the game’s overall story, but a number of dubious details have been reported.

GoNintendo gave the rundown — said to have been gathered from someone on the inside at Sega — of what we can expect from the latest installment in the Sonic series, showing that while it may, in a fashion, be sticking to the formula of recent games such as Sonic Generations, new features will be thrown in to enhance the experience. While you would start the game initially as Sonic, players will supposedly be able to unlock even more characters as they go along, each with an exclusive skill that can be used to circumvent a particular obstacle that would otherwise hinder the progress of any other.

The game is also rumored to have at least 20 different stages, not including boss battles. In addition, these courses won’t be following a linear path as seen in previous iterations. Split into multiple paths, players can choose their own method of reaching the end goal, with their decision influencing later stages. Whatever path is chosen, however, they all ultimately lead to the same final boss battle, though courses can be replayed to discover all the possible ways to navigate them.

This mysterious Sonic the Hedgehog game is suggested to be released for nearly all current consoles and handhelds, as well as those of the next generation. Seeing a release on systems such as Wii U and Xbox 360 is plausible, but the vague mention of the PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox system seems highly unlikely at this time given Sony and Microsoft’s remaining mum on the topic. As per the course, such hearsay should be taken with a large grain of salt.

(GoNintendo via Digital Spy, image courtesy of Sega)

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