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New Pacific Rim Trailer Shows Us As Many Giant Robots And Monsters As We Can Handle



Warner Bros. had planned on holding out until WonderCon to debut this trailer, but the gigantic robot cat is out of the bag now. The new Pacific Rim trailer is a solid two-and-a-half minutes of huge robots fighting huger monsters, because that’s exactly what people want out of this movie. They get into a little bit of the story. Something about aliens invading. I don’t know. There are too many skyscraper-sized robots punching weird monsters in this thing to focus on whatever plot they’re trying to convey.

That’s not even meant as a dig. I’m pumped for this movie, because after three Transformers flicks it’ll be nice to finally watch a giant robot movie where I can distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Besides the action sequences, we do see a bit of the world of Pacific Rim. That world features a lot of news coverage, Charlie Day, and a smooth-as-hell looking Ron Perlman.

Ron Perlman

Seriously, Ron. What is that jacket? Velvet? It looks great on you.

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