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Jack The Andre The Giant Slayer Wins Best Editing In Awards I Just Made Up


The trailer for Jack The Giant Slayer looked surprisingly good. So good that I actually want to see it. You know what would make Jack even better? If instead of being the movie that it is, it was really just The Princess Bride, because The Princess Bride is the best movie. That’s why Lance Ford, a video editor and guy I want to hang out with now, mashed up the two to create Jack The Andre The Giant Slayer. It probably won’t make you run out to see Jack, but I’m certainly watching The Princess Bride once I’m done writing this.

The Princess Bride is my favorite movie. I danced to “Storybook Love” at my wedding, and it was the first movie I watched with my infant daughter. I also really love Saved by the Bell, so Mr. Ford, if you’re not doing anything today, maybe you could put together Jack the Giant Slater where the kid from About a Boy fights a giant Mario Lopez? Just a suggestion. You clearly know what you’re doing.

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