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Lady-Created Comedies Are Taking Over Television

Assuming Direct Control

What do Tina Fey, Rashida JonesLaura Gutin, and Laura Solon all have in common? They’re all female comedy writers with new series in development, by ladies, starring ladies.

Tina Fey has never been busier. On the small screen alone, she has three projects in the works: a workplace comedy on NBC, a show about a women’s college on Fox, and a single-camera comedy about a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult, also on NBC. The third series, which has been given a straight-to-series order by the network, has the working title of Tooken and will star Ellie Kemper of The Office as the cult-fleeing protagonist. Bob Greenblatt, chairman of NBC entertainment, said of the show:

“Tina and Robert [Carlock], who cemented their partnership on 30 Rock, have created a new signature comedy for us that is audacious, emotional, and clever. While tapping into very relatable themes, there isn’t anything like this anywhere else on television. NBC has been their home for many years and we’re so happy that they’ve found another way to push the comedy envelope for us.”

Tina Fey rules the earth. It is known. Plus, a doomsday cult seems like a pretty original concept for a half-hour sitcom, and NBC is showing a lot of confidence by giving it a straight-to-series order from the get-go. But what about the other female-created shows?

We’ve already posted about Rashida Jones’ upcoming CW show, Ladyballs, which focuses on a group of estranged friends who go into the revenge business and has the best title ever. It’s the CW, yes, but it’s also Rashida Jones, so don’t give up just yet. This has the potential to be awesome.

NBC is also starting development on a series by Laura Gutin called Olivia Jones is My Girlfriend about “the unlikely friendship between a girl who’s never had a boyfriend and a girl who has never had any girl friends.” Ok, NBC. You know that I read that and immediate want this to be a love story, right? I mean, come on. I’m already bracing myself for the inevitable disappointment and disgruntled retreat into fan fiction. Won’t stop me from watching, though, because the story sounds very sweet and I somehow already want to know how these characters end up finding each other. No word yet on cast or a premiere date, but stay tuned.

Over at ABC, another Laura, this time Laura Solon, has gotten a script commitment for an untitled project about a nanny dealing with her 8-year-old charge and his single dad. Sounds a lot like The Nanny, only without Fran Drescher and her 90s hair. Slightly “eh” on this one so far, but it’s still very early.

So – lady-created comedies, coming at you fast on a whole bunch of networks. Get ready.

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